At NTF we understand that preparation is important and so is your home. We will endeavour to keep the mess to a minimum, tidy up as we go and aim to cause as little disruption as possible.

The Right Preparation

Any job is as only as good as the preparation. Subfloors are often not flat or level. A new floor fitted onto an uneven subfloor will bounce, creak and eventually break.
Floors need to be fitted onto a sound, dry, flat subfloor.

Floor preparation is key.

Damp Floors

A damp floor could cause a timber floor to expand excessively and cause it to eventually fail. Damp floors can be treated by either a liquid damp proof membrane, usually epoxy, or a plastic damp proof membrane i.e. a sheet of plastic. Either option will prevent moisture affecting the floor.

Avoiding damp keeps the floor from failing

Uneven Floors

If a concrete floor is uneven or breaking up it can be rectified by using a professional levelling compound. Timber subfloors that are uneven can be rectified by ply lining, or leveling or both.

Get even before laying new wood


Your original wood floors can be professionally machine sanded to a very fine finish. Even engineered floors can be sanded up to 4 times. Most timbers can be stained to achieve a new colour. Floors can also be refinished in lacquer, matt, silk-matt, gloss or in oil, for a more traditional look.

Resanding to renew a existing floor